INCREASE your companies’ freedom, efficiency, and options with EXTENDED REALITY technology.

The relationship between technology and jobs has a love and hate relationship.  There is a broad fear that innovation will lead to the cost of jobs “the race against machines” narrative, but the most important payoff of innovation is to focus on the up savvy technologies, as an association between humans and smart machines.  Extended reality entirety abilities can result in productively improved performance, safety, and higher worker satisfaction. 

Get the 101 on how YOUR consumers can EXPERIENCE EXTENDED REALITY from home.

Technology-led innovations for enhancing the consumer experience within the #HOMEBUILDERS, #CONTRACTORS #CONSTRUCTION, #PRE-CONSTRUCTION, and the #REALESTATE industries. 

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Extended reality is being hailed as the holy grail for building brand connections.  Advertisers can blend immersive extended reality experiences into marketing content such as display, picture, video, and games.  3D ad product placements are the extreme next generation ad experience; early tests have shown that 3D ad engagement is 20x higher than web ads. 

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